Adopt-A-Company is a voluntary, pro bono program that partners companies together with small businesses recovering from losses due to September 11th. The program encourages support, or “adoption,” of small businesses by giving them foot traffic, client referrals and pro bono assistance.

Through this assistance program, companies join forces in a way that makes sense to both the adoptee and the sponsor. The sponsor can either provide business for the adoptee or donate services or supplies.

Additionally, Logistic Solutions, Inc., has also been part of regular initiatives and programs focused towards the endorsement of local orphanages and disabled communities. LSI ensures spending a significant portion of our capital to charitable giving, year on year in the US and in India.



Our company creates high-value technology solutions for our clients, while simultaneously working to improve the environmental, social, and economic aspects of the world in which we operate. Our vision comes to life by putting different programs and practices into action, which reduce the use of natural resources, optimize the use of energy with efficient technology, and foster innovative solutions that add value to our clients, our communities, and our planet.

LSI’s main environmental focus is to reduce the amount of energy used in our company offices each year. We strive to minimize our direct impact on the environment, while concurrently enhancing our services and solutions to help customers improve their environmental impact and carbon performance towards meeting their sustainability objectives.

To bring our vision of building sustainable ecosystems, we identified energy use, emissions, water, and waste as material aspects to focus on as a part of our environmental sustainability efforts. LSI aims to fulfill its environmental commitments through its Energy Saving Program and the “3-R” (reduce, reuse and recycle) philosophy.


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