Accurate and Useful Data for the modern Agriculture Industry

A revolutionary solution that enhances communication between Farmers and Food Retailers.  Reduce waste, increase profits, and improve operational success.

Farmers throughout the U.S territory spend over $218 billion harvesting, growing, and transporting food that will eventually be disposed of and never eaten. Each year, over 60 million tons of food are wasted. This waste creates a social, environmental, and economic problem as well, as money is literally being invested into creating waste.

AGTools provides a game-changing system specially designed for the Agriculture Industry. It provides real-time statistics that help improve delivery times, lower costs, and forecast demand, making for a more efficient industrial process.  This app will revolutionize the way agricultural producers make their decisions; having more precise information lets them make better choices about their business.


Benefit from the Best Technology

Due to the lack of streamlined tools in the market, it has been difficult to have an accurate status of costs. With AGTools you will have access to precise information from/about your operations and therefore, harvest the correct amount of product. 

Agriculture faces a wide array of challenges and, due to the lack of streamlined tools in the market, it has been difficult to accurately calculate costs. With AGTools, farmers have access to highly-detailed information throughout their entire operation. This allows them to harvest the correct amount of product every time, in a sustainable, sensible manner.  Our clients can choose from eight different calculators that will assist them in making the correct decisions for their farm or ranch.

  • Predictive Analytics for the Agriculture Industry

    With the support of predictive technology, Farmers and Food Retailers can simplify solution-making dramatically. Farmers and Fresh Produce Wholesalers can define the panorama that better suits their business at any given time. Through predictive analytics, Agricultural producers can now calculate factors such as beef cattle, grazing, wildlife and fisheries, trees, sprayer calibration, and even fertilization information. The tools let them forecast results according to the scenario, giving them better outcomes altogether.

  • Simplify Decision Making

    AGTools technology will simplify the decision-making process for the Agriculture Industry and will improve productivity both regionally and overseas. With the help of agricultural research, your company will be one step ahead when it comes to the day-to-day decisions that define the agriculture business.

  • Created with Wholesalers in mind

    This tool is also ideal for Wholesalers, letting them get a better landscape view of their business with the useful information provided by AGTools.

  • Known and Awarded

    This solution has been successful with important names in the industry such as Walmart and Kroger, among others.

    AGTools was selected as the winner of the Best Agricultural Software Supplier at the USA Farming & Agricultural Awards.