A Self-service Kiosk for a Better Travel Experience

Help passengers save time and effort at the airport. Optimize your passengers experience and let them travel comfortably.

Our Self-service kiosk solution increases customer satisfaction by giving travelers a faster and easier check-in process at the airport.

Avoid long queues and streamline processes such as seating preferences and boarding pass printing, making for a seamless airport experience.

Help passengers save time and effort while traveling; this app will simply make it more pleasant and hassle-free.


Benefit from the Best Technology

  • Convenient Access to Information

    Provide useful, self-service, travel, and location information to travelers. You can also share updates on topics such as travel, parking, shopping and events at the airport, keeping passengers in-the-loop at all times.

  • Useful for your Travel Related Business

    This solution is ideal for Airports or Transportation Providers that need to give out important details to their customers such as delays, arrivals, gate changes, and last-minute developments. Beat your competitors by having the necessary information before anyone else. You can also provide useful information on the shopping malls and events at the airport through this application.

Success Story: JFK Airtrain

LSI designed a solution for JFK International Airport passengers that gave them access to news, weather, widgets, traffic map, navigation options, and navigational buttons. JFK Airtrain is now improving the experience of one of the most visited airports in the United States.

The app’s widgets display live data for travelers at any given moment, and information about hotels, restaurants, and local events can be quickly accessed as well.

Additionally, JFK travelers can use the Trip Planner app that lets them access information about activities and schedules and plan routes and itineraries accordingly. Finally, travelers can share their findings on Social Media or send it via email, showing their experiences to their friends.